A travel back in time

OWL Tour 2010 – Day 4: The last day of this weekend tour we had reserved for the LWL-Open-Air Museum in Detmold. It is Germany’s biggest open-air museum and offers 90 hectares of landscape and more than 100 historical buildings and gardens to be discovered.

Paderborn village

We arrived early in the morning and as it was a Sunday that was good, because a little bit later the parking ground was completely full. The museum gives a detailed and fascinating overview of the development and changes of Westphalian everyday life and cultural history.

Haus Ludovici

The museum is very large and has a lot to see, so bring enough time and if you want to save money, bring your own food and something to drink for a great day at the museum.

After visiting the LWL-Open-Air Museum in Detmold we drove back home. Originally we wanted to stop again in Bielefeld on the way back to Holland, but it was getting late and we had seen and done enough already for this time. We’ll be back.

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