185 million years ago

Wall of ammonites close to Digne-les-BainsSolar Tour 2008 – Day 8: Just before the D900A reaches Digne-les-Bains coming from Barles, the road passes a high wall full of ammonites, revealing the fossils of large shells, whose creatures lived here in the sea 185 million years ago. In the area it is possible to see various other fossils, including a skeleton of an ichthyosaurus, but because of the ongoing hunting everywhere we didn’t feel like going for a hike.

Since our next destination was was still 70 kilometers away we didn’t visit Digne-les-Bains and just stopped for a lunch break in the valley of the river l’asse along the N85. Here one can also see the Train des Pignes, a railway line dating from the 1890s, connecting Nice and Digne-les-Bain.

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